Passion, customer focus, consultation and transparency

With these four pillars as our starting point, we, Bart Bollaart and Susanne Blom (BenS, or BENS) strive to produce high-quality cuttings.

In our propagation company BENS Young Plants, located in Sappemeer (NL), we practice both our passion and our work: the propagation of Hydrangea paniculata, Magnolia, Photinia, Prunus and Thuja.

The success of our clients is our top priority. Personal contact and/or a visit to the company are therefore not something we avoid. In fact, we see a lot of added value in this. Our experience is that through transparency and consultation we can achieve the best results together!

Do you have questions about our products, or do you want to know more about the possibilities of outsourcing your propagation, please contact us!

Susanne Blom en Bart Bollaart BENS Young Plants

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