Make 2022 a good one!

Looking back at Trade Fair Groot Groen

From Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 October it was time: trade fair Groot Groen in Zundert. It was our first physical exhibition since 2019.
Would there be many visitors? And the foreign growers, would they be there? 

Our expectations were far exceeded. All three days there was enough attendance from various countries. In addition, the public was interested and of high quality. 

We thought the best thing about the fair was the reunion with everyone. Just having a chat face to face. So simple. 

Well. You know you are missing something when it is no longer there. 

Meet Sofia!

Prunus laur. Sofia ('Zsófi' PBR)

A flying start of the season 2021/2022!

Christmas wish 2020

New in our assortment: Hydrangea pan. Graffiti ('ROU201406'PBR)!

We are very pleased! We are allowed to add another Hydrangea paniculata to our assortment.

Meet the Hydrangea paniculata Graffiti ('ROU201406'PBR). As the name actually says, this hydrangea brings color to the garden; during the season the flower changes from lime green to greenish pink. Hydrangea paniculata Graffiti has strong stems and full flower panicles. Therefore the branches are also very suitable for cutting. Even in winter you do not have to worry, this plant is hardy to -30 degrees Celsius. The hydrangea paniculata Graffiti grows about one meter high and one meter wide. 


GOLD for the Prunus laur. Sofia' PBR on Groot Groen Plus 2019!

During the presentation of the medals on Wednesday, October 3, 2019 we and Breederplants got a gold medal for the Prunus laur. Sofia' PBR!

We are very happy with it! 


BENS Young Plants and Breederplants introduce a new Prunus laurocerasus at Groot Groen Plus 2019.


From 2 to 4 October 2019 it will again be a hustle and bustle in the widely beautiful Zundert. Trade fair Groot Groen Plus will take place again. 

Together with Breederplants we will introduce a brand new Prunus laurocerasus. 

She is fine and easy. She adores the warmth and embraces the cold.
She is everything you want her to be.
She is Sofia.

Hydrangea pan. Confetti ('Vlasveld2' PBR)

With Hydrangea paniculata Confetti it's a party in your garden every day! Confetti has lightly scented flowers with a very beautiful, fine flower structure. The cone-shaped flower panicles have a playful hue of white and pink with some green at the top. Confetti flowers from early summer until late autumn. This panicle hydrangea is compact (120 cm high, 75 cm wide) with a bushy structure and firm twigs. Because of its compact size, Confetti is perfect for a pot on a terrace or balcony. Also in borders, as mass planting or combined with other plants, this hydrangea will add a cheerful note to your garden. Confetti likes to stand in the sun or half shade. The type of soil does not matter. Confetti is hardy to -25° Celsius. (source:


Prunus lusitanica 'Brenelia' PBR NEW!

Prunus lusitanica 'Brenelia' is a leafy shrub with deep green shiny leaves and a red petiole. Brenelia' is a bushy plant that grows more upright than the normal Lusitanica. Brenelia' is very suitable as a tree, pyramid, as a screen on a trunk or just as a nice dense hedge. 'Brenelia' grows well on any type of soil and is resistant to disease. The hardness of the 'Brenelia' is around -15 degrees Celsius. Compared to lusitanica and lusitanica 'Angustifolia' 'Brenelia' is not sensitive to excess water, not even in the pot.


Hydrangea paniculata Pastelgreen® ('Rencolor'PBR) NEW!

Hydrangea paniculata Pastelgreen® give color to your garden! Pastelgreen® flowers from early summer until autumn with flowers that are a mix of white, cream, green and pink. After 7 years Pastelgreen® is 120 cm high and 100 cm wide. The growth habit is upright and full. Place Pastelgreen® in the sun or half shade. Pastelgreen® can be used in any type of soil but prefers a soil rich in humus. Prune in spring. Pastelgreen® is hardy to -30 ºC and is perfect for small pots so it can be used as solitary on balconies or terraces. Also suitable for mass planting, in the border or for mixed planting.


BENS Young Plants first company with Plant Patrol® certificate


On Friday 24 August 2018 we were the very first company to receive the Plant Patrol® certificate. On 19 July 2018, Plant Patrol® carried out an audit for us on the instruction of Plantipp B.V. and we passed this audit successfully. The certificate indicates that we have our administration in order with regard to new plant species and that we are a reliable partner. Well, we are quite proud of that!